Extra Curricular Activities

A wonderful serenity has taken possession of my entire soul, like these sweet mornings of spring which I enjoy with my whole heart.

Other Activities

In Sri Patibandla Srrtharamaiah High School, the children also get a hand on various other activities on a weekly basis such as Taekwondo, Pottery, Craft, Music, Dance. Children also get opportunities throughout the year to test their own potential through various competitions within the school and interschool like Elocution, Quiz, Debates, Essay writing, Drawing and Painting competitions, Handwriting competitions and many more.

Every year the students get a chance to portray their talent and display their potential through various cultural programs and performances through the Annual day programmes.

Its often said, "Experience is the best teacher." Nature can teach us a lot. A child learns a lot from his surroundings, environment and nature. So our school acts as a facilitator between the child and the ecosystem. Activity or project-based learning helps a child to easily get acquainted with various academic concepts. Children expand their thinking and become more progressive in their outlook through field trips and outings.

According to the academic schedule, periodic trips are arranged to various places within a certain parameter, which can add fun to their learning process. They grow into smarter and more confident individuals as they see what they learn. They would not be bound by any limitations while learning through experiences. The students also learn qualities like teamwork, co-ordination, planning and organizing, discipline and get a sense of responsibility.